Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Missed my window to ride during lunch break, so I ended up at the barn at 4:30 and moseyed into the ring at 5pm. "Door" I shouted per protocol and peeked in . . . eek! 15 horses going around in all their many shapes, sizes, directions and paces, the last two of which were changing all the time. Neither Hunter nor I knew how we were going to make this work.

SO here's what we did. We walked and we trotted. We looked for openings. We used this as an opportunity to work on transitions. We made small circles and halts when we could to create room betwen us and other horses. When the cantering and galloping of others made us nervous and prancy we came down. And we survived. Was it great riding? No. But it was safe.

As a wise man recently told me: every ride is a great ride. Especially if it's safe. Amen.

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