Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Good Energy at the COU

Today was GiGi's friend Ashley's (almost all names on Life with Hunter are changed to protect the horse-loving) first lesson at the COU. We all had a great time! In the grand COU tradition, boots were borrowed, helmets were scrounged, random grown-ups were recruited into the tacking-up process and Ashley had a grand time on the venerable Hershey under the watchful, instructional eye of Ariel.

Meanwhile, Gigi had a great circuit of the universe on Boomer featuring posting sans stirrups and spirited cantering. I personally can't wait to take her to the beach.

For our part, Hunter and I had a fairly swell outing which included pole trotting and my favorite tiny crossrail. The best things for me were the improvement in contact at the trot, and practice of my new non-robotically-stiff-and-extended arm position. Not falling off was also a definite plus point.

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